About Viggle

Viggle is a free app for iOS and Android devices. Viggle’s technology samples the audio from your TV and checks you into whatever you’re watching. Viggle enhances the TV experience with Viggle features like TV CHAT, MyGuy Real-Time Fantasy Sports, Viggle LIVE trivia, and Viggle Rewards.

Viggle Platform makes it easy for developers to enhance the Viggle experience by building interactive apps that go along with whatever Viggle users are watching on TV.
Developers have access to Viggle’s checked-in audience, loyalty program and web-based toolkit to quickly and easily create unique interactive experiences around the TV shows that Viggle users check into.

Viggle Apps are built with HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and integrate seamlessly with Viggle’s native iOS and Android apps. Viggle Apps range from simple static content experiences like video playlists, news headlines and photo slideshows, to fully immersive games where users can interact with each other and earn Viggle points.

Building with the Viggle Platform/API

To build your application you will need to download the Viggle app (on the App Store or Google Play) and create a Viggle account. Once you’ve created your Viggle account, request access to the Viggle developer API by signing up as a Viggle Developer.

Be sure to review the Viggle Developer pages for important documentation and best practice information about the Viggle platform and Viggle API.

Example TV Companion Apps

Looking for inspiration? Check out the Viggle App Jam Ideas competition to see what types of TV companion apps people are asking for.

Hoping to see what’s available now? Here are a few apps and services to check out:

Additional API Resources

You’re welcome to integrate as many APIs, SDKs, and datasets into your app as you like (as long as you’re authorized to use them). Check out a few of our favorite APIs below:

More Questions?

If you have questions about the Viggle Platform or the Viggle API, visit the Viggle Developer Forum. If you have questions about the Viggle App Jam competition, email Support@ChallengePost.com.